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Renishaw introduces new multisensor probe for advanced portable arm CMMs

Renishaw is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative contact-sensing rigid probe that provides multisensor capability and exceptional performance for portable measurement arms.

FARO SENSORDeveloped in collaboration with FARO Technologies Inc and exclusive to the new Quantum FaroArm, the FARO SENSOR incorporates ground breaking technology to provide hard probe, touch trigger and scanning capability.

Eliminates data collection errors

Quantum Arm with FARO SENSORThe probe's unique sensing mechanism overcomes the need to press capture buttons and ensures that data is taken only when the stylus is in contact with the part, eliminating the need to remove erroneous data collected when a hard probe leaves the work-piece while measuring. The FARO SENSOR significantly reduces the complexity of the measuring process by minimising operator influence.

The new sensor, like all Renishaw probe ranges, has been designed to accommodate the widest range of measuring requirements, offering a range of styli that will enable accurate probing of intricate and hard to reach features. Another major benefit is the product’s robustness, built to withstand the rigours of day-to-day use in an industrial environment.

Choice of Renishaw probes

With a stated commitment to make its customers’ products and processes the best in the world, FARO technologies Inc is offering a choice of two Renishaw probes as standard fitment to the Quantum FaroArm, its most advanced portable arm CMM.

When scanning is not required, the optional sensor for the arm is Renishaw’s TP20 touch-trigger probe, a compact module changing probe which allows the use of a range of stylus configurations and extensions to access features on complex parts.

The TP20 allows fast stylus changing without requalification potentially saving hours of inspection time every week, as the stylus module changing takes just a few seconds.The probe also provides excellent visibility and clearance around the stylus tip, making complex part measurement easier. Combined with superior touch-trigger metrology the TP20 provides exceptional all round performance.

The FARO SENSOR and FARO’s Laser ScanArm V3 were launched at the 2007 EuroMold Show in Frankfurt, Germany.


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