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Advanced Diagnostic Tool

What is the Advanced Diagnostic Tool (ADT)?

The ADT is used with a Windows® tablet or a PC to give comprehensive real-time feedback from the VIONiC™ encoder system using its state-of-the-art intuitive software interface. Whilst in most cases the integral set-up LED in the VIONiC encoder is sufficient, the ADT can be used to aid more challenging installations. The outputs from the ADT can also report on encoder performance and can be used to assist in system fault finding.

Why use the ADT to help set-up my readhead?

The ADT can be used in-line with a controller or powered independently via its USB port. The ADT is used:

  • When the readhead is buried deep in the machine and / or it is not possible to see the readhead set-up LED
  • To confirm if the readhead has been calibrated and the reference mark is phased
  • To confirm that the limit switches have been detected by the readhead
  • To plot the location of the reference mark and limit switches on the scale
  • To adjust the pitch of the readhead to help reduce parallax errors
VIONiC Advanced Diagnostic Tool

How do I get the ADT?

The diagnostic software is available to download, see below. The ADT hardware can be ordered through Renishaw using part number A-6195-0100.

Features and benefits

  • Real-time remote monitoring to aid readhead adjustment
  • Visual and audible indication of signal size
  • Visual indication of reference mark phasing
  • Visual indication of limit switches
  • Visual indication of readhead pitch
  • Quick remote calibration of the incremental and reference mark signals
  • Visual indication of AGC status
  • AGC (Auto Gain Control) can be toggled by a click of a button
  • Display signal strength versus position along the full axis to optimise the installation
  • DRO output
  • Lissajous output

Software download

  • Advanced Diagnostic Tool (ADT) software - version 1.0.10

    The Advanced Diagnostic Tool (ADT) software version 1.0.10 (minor improvements, released February 2017) is used to give comprehensive, real time feedback from the VIONiC™ encoder system for calibration and diagnostics. The software must be used in conjunction with the ADT hardware which can be purchased from Renishaw using part number A-6195-0100. The hardware can be connected to a Windows tablet or a PC via the USB cable or in-line with the customers’ electronics.


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